Challenging the cult of the omnipotent state.

Let's make Massachusetts free again.

What We Stand For

Whether you’re a lifelong Libertarian or someone just interested in discovering more, the National Platform and Massachusetts Party Program is a great start to learning what the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts is fighting for.

Peace, not war

We support an end to all of America's unnecessary wars, support military spending cuts, abolition of the surveillance state and peaceful relations with all countries.

Liberty, not welfare

We support an end to all forms of government welfare, especially its most pernicious form, the cronyism of corporate subsidies.

Stability, not inflation

The Federal Reserve Bank is the bane of the poor, creating our current inflation problem, destroying the value of the dollar and creating series of boom-bust cycles that creates recessions. It must be abolished.

Justice, not jackboots

Policing in America needs to change fundamentally by completely ending the drug war, no-knock raids, immunity from abuse and police with military-style weapons.

How Libertarians win


We run and endorse candidates for public office who seek to achieve greater liberty for all. 


We spread the message of liberty across the Bay State.

Non-Violent Protest

We sponsor grassroots protests, organize local affiliates, and engage in single issue coalitions. 

Nullification And Civil Disobedience

We engage in direct action toward liberty, and encourage state and local legislators to do the same.

Spontaneous order, not central planning.

Libertarians are practical. We know that we can’t make the world perfect. But, it can be better. The Libertarian Party is the only political party that understands that spontaneous order, and not central planning, is the path to abundance and prosperity.