Trump’s wager

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by Thomas R. Eddlem

Defeating Trump handily in last night’s debate should have been a simple matter of making this effective verbal reply:

It’s not quite accurate to call Donald Trump a liar, even though almost every thing he says is a lie. A liar expects you to believe his lies. 

But Trump knows he’s telling lies, and that you don’t believe his lies. He also knows you know he doesn’t believe his lies. Trump is not a liar; he’s a bullshitter. The truth is beside the point for a bullshitter like Trump. Everything he says is to get a reaction, and the truth and factual accuracy is completely irrelevant.

If the discussion were about day and night, Trump wouldn’t hesitate to say with a straight face, except for that outstretched, pursed lower lip, that “When I was President, we had daylight all the time, 24 hours a day. We had long beautiful days, the most beautiful days in the history of this country. But Joe Biden brought back the night, and the sun set. Nights under Biden are a total disaster. Just look outside and see how dark it is. When I become president again, I’ll bring back the daytime.”

Trump’s goal is to troll his opponent, and his wager is that you, the American people have a morality sunk so low that the truth and factual accuracy is irrelevant to you too.

I’m wagering the morality of the American people hasn’t sunk so low that the truth is irrelevant.

But Joe Bribe’n was not the kind of person who could possibly have responded properly to Trump, as he is a serial liar and plagiarist. An appeal to honesty was therefore impossible for Biden, and is for most of the politicians in Washington that now seem likely to replace him as the Democratic nominee. And that’s why the bullshitter now seems likely to win his wager, and the presidency again.

The political death of the Discount Traitor

Just as Hillary Clinton knew the Russia collusion claim was a hoax from the start, because her campaign had funded it, the FBI testimony in the Hunter Biden drug/gun case authenticated Hunter’s laptop under oath and, implicitly, the fact that Joe Biden knew it was real all along.

And we know why he remained silent: “10% for the Big Guy.” It proves not only that Joe Bribe’n sold his soul and his country out to Ukraine and China (for only 10%!!) to go along with the Deep State lie, not only that he is a traitor, but that he’s a DISCOUNT TRAITOR.

And the fact this can no longer be hidden explains why the Deep State and it’s Captive Media appeared to have pivoted so suddenly last night. Either way, last night’s debate is overwhelming evidence there’s no excuse for voting for either Trump or Biden in November.

By the way, the Libertarian Party has an alternative that will be on the ballot with it’s candidate Chase Oliver.

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Trump’s wager

by Thomas R. Eddlem Defeating Trump handily in last night’s debate should have been a simple matter of making this effective verbal reply: But Joe