An invitation for our conservative Republican brothers and sisters to join the Libertarian Party

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By Thomas R. Eddlem

The establishment is out to get you, my conservative friend, and they’re not going to play fair. They’re already saying your skepticism over Trump’s indictment is an indication that you don’t believe in the rule of law.

As I write this, we don’t know the details of what’s really behind Trump’s indictment over holding classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Even if the case for Trump’s guilt is iron-clad in this classified documents case, and the documents in Biden’s garage and Hillary’s private server are not comparable, I can’t blame you for feeling the way you do.

The FBI has in fact been weaponized on behalf of the DNC at least since 2015, first on behalf of the Clinton campaign in the Russia-gate hoax that the Durham Report exposed as 100% fraudulent and part of a Clinton campaign operation, later on behalf of the Biden campaign in blatantly lying about the very real Hunter Biden laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

No number of New York Times columns or CNN broadcasts will ever disabuse you of the life you have been living, with FBI-led social media censorship that has been lied-and-denied from the start. It’s only because Elon Musk bought Twitter and released the #TwitterFiles under the leadership of a real journalist named Matt Taibbi that we have the proof of what you and I have long known. Like me, you’ve known this because you’ve seen your social media accounts get censored, or the work of journalists you like disappeared into the Orwellian Memory Hole, along with other skeptics of the Official Line.

You’ve seen truth-tellers on COVID get their accounts canceled, while Fauci’s lies about herd immunity, masks’ effectiveness, vaccine effectiveness, etc. were put into the spotlight. You’ve seen your socially conservative views censored by Big Tech, with accounts closed for using the “wrong” pronouns, and now you know for sure it has nothing to do with free market forces.

You know the Washington Uni-party, of which both Biden and Pence are members and Trump is not, rules the roost and prosecutes only enemies of the Military-Industrial-Surveillance Complex and Big Pharma, and never its own lickspittles.

This is what you know. And what you know is real. And for you it’s personal, as it should be. A real house-cleaning is needed in America’s Cheka (the FBI) if we are to retain even the pretense of a republic in America. The FBI needs to be abolished, along with the entire intelligence establishment that has been weaponized to censor the politically heterodox.

But let’s face it: The Republican Party is never going to abolish the FBI, nor has it brought you the smaller government it has been promising for decades.

And Trump is the only Republican with a national profile who will even buck the establishment with his words. It’s a pity he didn’t buck the Uni-party with his deeds when he was president. Trump had four years to bring smaller government. But Trump didn’t bring it; the federal government got a lot bigger under his presidency. The FBI got bolder under his presidency. He did nothing to stop the FBI, he didn’t fire Fauci, or to end any of our senseless foreign wars that sacrifice the lives of our brave soldiers for nothing. His presidency was the beginning of the massive money-printing by the Federal Reserve Bank that created our current price inflation, and Trump did nothing to oppose it.

Too much of the Republican Party is under the financial and political control of the Military-Industrial Complex, the surveillance state, the Federal Reserve Bank, Big Pharma and other politically-favored giant corporations which profit from subsidies and regulations that keep out free market competition. These, with the permanent bureaucracy in the executive branch of the federal government, make policy without even consulting the elected branches of government. They’re the Deep State, the permanent bureaucracy, and the Republican party establishment is firmly in their camp.

In your heart, you know all that’s true too.

Work with us, the Libertarian Party. We’re fighting the Deep State. We’re not what you were told we are by the GOP establishment. We’re mortal enemies of the Fed, shutdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, wars and the surveillance state.

And we’re not just woke leftists who understand economics, the old joke that libertarians are socially liberal and economically conservative. Libertarians are free to be as culturally conservative as they want (like me), or as culturally liberal as you want (like a few of our members), so long as they don’t try to impose their values on others by means of government force. Being on the receiving end of that force for the past decade, you should understand how dangerous that force can be.

Even if you don’t actually join the Libertarian Party, we want to work with you — and for you to work with us — on issues of mutual interest.

The mutual interest between the honest right and libertarianism can be found in the friendship and great overlap in voting habits between former Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash and Republican Congressman Thomas Massie. While Massie calls himself a conservative or constitutionalist, Amash always self-labeled as a libertarian — even before he made it from the Republican Party over here to the Libertarian Party officially. Both opposed the surveillance state, foreign wars, and infringement on civil liberties, while at the same time supporting decentralization generally.

There’s a lot of issues we Libertarians want to work on, which I’m sure you would be enthusiastic to work on and move forward:

At the national level:

  • Anti-war
  • Anti-surveillance
  • Anti-Federal Reserve
  • Pro-Second Amendment/Right to keep and bear arms
  • Defend the First Amendment/fight censorship
  • Support lower taxes/less spending
  • Repeal regulations
  • End any remaining COVID mandates
  • Stop student loan “forgiveness”
  • Repeal eminent domain
  • Abolish national education policies

Where Republicans predominate at the state and local levels, there are a lot of issues where libertarians and sincere Republicans can fight the Regime Uni-party, in addition to the above national issues.

At the state and local level:

Defend the Guard: The Defend the Guard movement is a means by which state governors refuse to release National Guard servicemen to federal deployments overseas without a congressional declaration of war. When there’s a Republican governor and a Republican president, it will be difficult to pass a Defend the Guard resolution, but the current Democratic President makes a Defend the Guard resolution a realistic goal in a state with a Republican governor.

Drug war: Cannabis/hemp nullification by states and municipalities remains an early success model for activists to follow, and many are already doing so successfully on psilocybin mushrooms and other issues. While some Republicans tend to be die-hards on the drug war, and were slow on the marijuana cannabis issue, this is largely an age phenomenon. Thomas Massie was quick to back a plan for legalizing hemp. And though he quipped that it was “rope, not dope,” nullification of federal drug laws in Republican states becomes more plausible as time passes.

Federal gun law nullification: Several Republican-dominated states and municipalities have already enacted laws where state and local police are prohibited from enforcing or assisting federal agents in the enforcement of federal gun laws. This can accelerate with more cooperation between libertarians and conservatives.

There’s a lot we can do together, preferably with you inside the Libertarian Party.

Your freedom is at stake, and neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties are going to give it back to you.

Join us!

Thomas R. Eddlem is a freelance writer published in more than 20 periodicals and websites, and is Treasurer of the Massachusetts Libertarian Party.

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