A Four-Step Guide to the Cancel Culture Playbook

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by Thomas Eddlem | Mar 14, 2022

Cancel Culture only has a total of four plays in its playbook:

  1. Accuse of misinformation/fringe opinion
  2. Accuse of racism
  3. Accuse of sex abuse
  4. Accuse of national security threat/threat to democracy

After that, they’re out of plays.

And Cancel Culture nearly always uses each of these plays in order.

Play #1 -Misinformation

The first play, the claim of misinformation, is usually enough to get most normies canceled on social media. The psychology behind it is fairly powerful; most people don’t like liars. Even among those who are disposed to treat inaccurate speech with other speech that’s accurate, the general sentiment of this kind of censorship is that “this is a small loss.” And among the non-thinking crowd (nearly a majority), there’s no reaction at all.

It doesn’t really matter if the normies got the information right…

To keep reading this article, go to the Libertarian Institute here: https://libertarianinstitute.org/articles/a-four-step-guide-to-the-cancel-culture-playbook/

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