It should be the easiest cut: Foreign Aid

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by Thomas R. Eddlem

You’d think that ending a direct transfer of wealth from the poorest Americans being taxed by the Federal government to corrupt and politically-favored governments and corporations abroad would be a no-brainer for Congress in an era when the Federal government has to borrow the money to give away.

Not so.

And yet, foreign aid giveaways have persisted as a government program since 1940. According to federal figures, the US government has spent almost $100 billion in giveaways to foreign governments this year if we include the more than $50 billion in aid sent to Ukraine since February.

None of this is authorized by the US constitution; all of it is prohibited by the 10th amendment to the US Constitution; and none of it helps Americans.

Sure, the advocates of foreign aid giveaways — many of whom have ties to the defense contractors and NGOs who financially benefit from the theft from taxpayer — will inveigh in dulcet tones about how it “benefits national security.”

But when they say “national security,” they don’t mean America will be bombed tomorrow if the boodle is not sent abroad today from the checking accounts of working Americans. What they mean is the Military-Industrial-Complex will benefit, along with the surveillance state, which is largely funded through the subterfuge of international aid. “National security” is the lie they use to sell political payoffs to defense contractors and politically-favored NGOs.

Don’t fall for the lie. End foreign aid now.

If your congress-critter won’t back a total and complete end to foreign aid, you can be confident he or she is useless in the fight against big government and is instead a tool of the Military-Industrial-Complex.

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