Libertarian Party endorsements for 2022 elections

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by Thomas R. Eddlem, Acting Chairman

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts makes the following recommendations for Tuesday’s primary elections:

Question 1: Increase the income tax on people making more than $1 million in a year.

We’re always against tax increases, no exceptions. This bill seems like a rob-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor initiative, but keep in mind that the first income tax in 1893 would only tax people making six times the average income: It taxed only incomes over $4,000/year. Today, thanks to inflation, if you only make $4,000/year, they’re taxing your food. The same could happen with this ballot initiative eventually.

Moreover, the “constitutional guarantee” that the money will be used for education and transportation is a lie; the new funds will be fungible with existing funds that already fund education and transportation.

Libertarian Party position: vote NO.

Question 2: Limit dental insurance company profits to no more than 17% of premiums.

Massachusetts has a lot of experience with over-regulating the insurance industry, such as the auto insurance industry in the 1980s, when most of the major insurers fled the state (Allstate has yet to return). The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has yet to fully recover from this over-regulation. This is not a time to ramp-up regulations that will only increase premiums (if profits are limited by percentages, the incentive for profit-maximizing corporations is to increase fees and premiums) and it will reduce the choice of insurers.

Libertarian Party position: vote NO.

Question 3: Increase the number of liquor licenses for chain companies

This question would increase the number of liquor licenses available to chain companies, currently limited to seven licenses per corporation. While the Libertarian Party opposes licensing, this amendment would only favor politically-favored big businesses. It would only increase the number of licenses proportionate to the increased number claimed by large chains.

Libertarian Party position: vote NO.

Question 4: Give driver’s licenses to “illegal” aliens.

There’s a lot that can be written about the idea that driver’s licenses be granted to immigrants who do not have federal government permission to immigrate to the United States: There’s nothing in the US Constitution that gives the federal government control over immigration. The existence of universally-recognized international driver’s licenses makes this question irrelevant from a criminal safety position. But many Libertarians object to the licensing process itself, one that has clearly been politicized.

Libertarian Party position: vote your conscience

Endorsements for political candidates: The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts does not endorse any candidate for office this year, whether bearing the party label of Republican, Democrat, or “Libertarian” on the ballot. We instead urge voters to always vote for the candidate who will bring the people the most liberty… and hopefully that person is a Libertarian.

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