The Most Violent Government in the World

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The United States is the most violent and most hostile government to democracy in the world.

by Thomas R. Eddlem

Americans live under the most violent government of the 21st century, one that is far more violent than Russia (the second most violent government). 

This fact may come as a shock to many Americans who still labor under the fallacy that the United States is the beacon of freedom to the world. But the facts speak for themselves. The United States has engaged in combat operations in at least 30 countries in this century, far more than any other country.

The US military has engaged in military operations on almost every continent.

But overt military operations are only the tip of the iceberg. Even in cases where the US didn’t engage in open military violence, covert violence and anti-democratic actions by the CIA have been rife going all the way back to the Cold War.

While the United States generally has free elections, the US government has employed covert violence to deprive a score of countries of their elected governments since the CIA was founded in 1947. 

The fact is that the only “successes” of US policy have been in the immediate post-World War Two era before the CIA was established — Japan, Germany and Italy — when the generals and the politicians were still making decisions. 

No longer. 

America doesn’t bring democracy to the world; the CIA takes it from them.

Note that these violent, anti-democratic coups happened regardless of who was president, or what party banner they claimed to hold. The Deep State, or the Military-Industrial-Surveillance Complex (MISC), rules the executive branch regardless of what party or personality inhabits the White House.

Of the violent anti-democratic coups described above, two-thirds were successful. But this doesn’t document dozens of bloody coups and assassinations in nations without elected governments. Those coups also damaged nations further, such as the 1963 coup in Iraq that brought Saddam Hussein’s Baathist Party to power, pressuring Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia to resign to the Khmer Rouge (leading to the Cambodian genocide), the NATO insurgency/bombing campaign against Moammar Gaddafi which restored chattel slavery to the African continent, backing al Qaeda-aligned rebel elements in Syria, which led to the formation of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and many others.

The biggest ongoing CIA operation is the ongoing escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian war, a war with its roots in the 2014 CIA coup ousting the last president elected by the whole of Ukraine. (More about this in an upcoming post.)

It’s time Americans realize their national government is an out-of-control force for violence and dictatorship globally, and act to reign in the Military-Industrial-Surveillance Complex (MISC). We can begin by slashing the budget of the Defense Department, which spend about 40% of all the world’s money on military arms and abolishing the CIA/NSA/FBI/ODNI surveillance state.

Please feel free to distribute the above charts (in PNG format) on social media to help your fellow Americans understand the real role our government has on the world today.

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