Transcript of new JC appeal

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The latest appeal to the national Libertarian Party for rightful affiliation has been filed. The transcript of it can be found here: MA-SECONDCORDIO-JC-Appeal-final.pdf – Google Drive

The brief timeline for this delegation dispute is that seven members of the LAMA state committee conspired to permanently ban 47 good libertarians from the party on January 10th, at the third of three consecutive state committee meetings where the whole focus was on how to drive more people out of the party and bringing more new people into the party was never even discussed. They kicked out the 47 for the sole reason that they dared to exercise their rights as members and employ the LAMA constitution’s provision to call a special state convention and elect a new state committee. 

But here’s the thing: This state committee, chaired by Ashley Shade, was both incompetent and lazy, and not incompetent and lazy like government is incompetent and lazy. Government at least attains a real talent of competency in one area – when it comes to bringing more power to themselves. But this crew was incompetent even in their own mendacity. They failed to follow the LAMA constitution, which requires that expulsions by the state committee must be one at a time, with a separate vote.

That left the expulsion invalid, and it left us with two state committee members motivated to do their duty to organize the state convention. They did, and on February 26th the members elected a new state committee at the special state convention. The former state committee subsequently refused to turn over the organization’s assets and have been illegally holding them hostage since that time. 

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